Dentures & Repair Laboratory 
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EMERGENCY Denture REPAIR in 45 Min 

New Unbreakable and Flexible Dentures

✔ Denture Repair 
$ 99
Full Dentures 
$ 299
Partial Dentures 
$ 299
Unbreakable Flexible Denture 
$ 499

Lab Services and Material Description

Partial Dentures

Partial denture Framework
Partial denture Framework incl. finish with teeth
Setup with teeth incl. partial denture framework
Setup without teeth partial denture framework
Denture setup
Partial denture only finish
Attachment only (not including parts)
Attachment (incl. framework and teeth set up)
Valplast flexible partial denture - finish with teeth
Titanium framework incl. finish with teeth & alloy
Tooth color/Transparent clasp
Gold-Plated Framework
Telescope (not incl. framework)

Full Dentures

Full denture incl. teeth
Full denture incl. teeth (Hi-impact acylic)
Denture finish

Other Services

Soft lining - Relining
ID Denture
Diagonostic Wax
Orthodontic applicator
Composite Veneer (Hi-impact acrylic, per case)
Non Noble composite build up teeth
Copy denture
Night guide
Bleaching guide
Individual tray
Snoring guide
Electroforming coping (Au100% per gram)
Bite registration
Sports mouth guards
Wax Rim

Crown and Bridge

High Noble PFM
Noble PFM
Non Noble PFM
High Noble PFM including post/pin
Noble PFM including post/pin
High Noble PFM Metal coping Try in (no porcelain)
Noble PFM Metal coping Try in (no porcelain)
Non-Noble PFM Metal coping Try in (no porcelain)
PFM porcelain only
Titanium alloy PFM crown
Non Noble PFM including post/pin
Post/Pin Core (non-Noble metal)

All Ceramic Work

E.max inlay/onlay
E.max crown
E.max veneer
All Zirconia for Bruxers crown and bridge
Cercon crown
Cercon bridge (per unit)