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How to make your dental practice more efficient

Even if your practice has the same amount of facility resources, staffing levels, and clinical time commitment as other practices around you, they could have better numbers. Some doctors have significantly more output and profits, with the same amount of resources. These doctors are creating more efficiency within their practice, usually through adopting technology and digital dentistry workflows.

They’re saving money by not needing to purchase PVS and impression trays, driving higher case acceptance rates by offering more transparent treatment plans, and reducing chairside time by capturing higher-quality digital impressions, leading to better fitting restorations every time.

Why patient experience is important in your dental office.

The introduction of digital technology into dental practices has not only improved the accuracy and precision of dental treatments but has also greatly enhanced the overall patient experience. First is the “wow factor” of the scanner, but past that impressive moment, patients can now enjoy a more efficient, comfortable, and convenient dental visit thanks to digital dentistry. Practices who make sure they’re creating a delightful patient experience will see higher case acceptance rates, happier patients, more patient referrals, and a better practice reputation.

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